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I’d like to personally welcome you to the North American Parrot Society (NAPS). NAPS is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating members about all species of parrots, improving show standards, and putting the fun and fairness back into showing birds.

Although one of the primary focuses of NAPS is to support the practice of showing birds, you do not have to participate in showmanship to become a member. Founded in 1991, our members also include private owners, small and large breeders, and veterinarians.  We are involved in specialty societies, such as the African Love Bird Society, National Cockatiel Society and the American Federation of Aviculture, and many of our members and judges hold positions with these and other societies.  From that base of members, we hope we can offer a place where all can come to learn and participate in the hobby.

Each year, NAPS stages  over 30 shows/exhibitions at local venues around the United States and Puerto Rico. Exhibitors and spectators join together to exhibit their birds and share in their hobby.  We are a partner with the Lory League and Triangle Bird club with their annual show at the AFA Convention.  NAPS is the sponsoring society for the Parrot Division at the National Cage Bird Show and host our Annual show at NCBS.

NAPS publishes a quarterly newsletter for mailing to all their members.  Each newsletter has a theme and highlights a species of birds.  The goal is to have members share their experiences with that species and better the care and wellbeing of our parrots.

 NAPS also offers society bands for its members.  We are an Exhibition Points system that rewardd exhibitors and their birds for their accomplishments.

 On this website, you will find information on becoming a member, a show calendar, a list of current directors and judges, and many more helpful items. You will also find useful links to  affiliated clubs and informative websites. If you experience difficulty navigating this site, or cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact the webmaster.

 We hope you consider joining NAPS and becoming part of this exciting club. 


Yours in the hobby,

Gary Morgan

President – North American Parrot Society



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